Mindfulness for Challenging Times

On 16th May 2020 (the United Nations International Day of Living Together in Peace) our Teach Mindfulness Community, with Shamash Alidina, launched the book “Mindfulness for Challenging Times”.

I was delighted to be a part of this group of 27 mindfulness coaches, from all over the world, who collaborated to write a chapter each in this beautiful collection, during what was a “lockdown” period in most of our countries, due to COVID-19.

All profits are donated to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“I believe this volume will not only remind those experienced in mindfulness of its many benefits, but also will serve as a roadmap to many who may not yet have any experience or understand the value of mindfulness. And remember, these techniques have been with us for thousands of years. The reason? They work! I hope you enjoy this volume as much as I have.”
James R. Doty, MD Founder and Director, The Stanford Center for Compassion (CCARE)
The New York Times bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop

“This book is a wonderful gift to the world – a collaboration of voices to offer presence, compassion and hope, all for a good cause. I highly recommend!”
Shauna Shapiro PhD, author of Good Morning, I Love You Professor, Santa Clara University

Mindfulness for Transformation