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8 Mindful Ingredients: October Online Lunchtime Mindfulness Sessions

Discover the 8 “ingredients” or attitudes which we can cultivate as the basis for living mindfully. During each session, we’ll explore a new ingredient to bring to our practice.

These sessions are recorded on Zoom, so you can catch up when you miss a session.

Cameras and microphones are switched off during the meditation, meaning that you have the opportunity to lie down and stretch out if you wish. This is YOUR time, so being comfortable is key!

Starting Monday, 5th October 2020, 12:30pm-1:00pm (BST) and continuing at the same times on the dates below.

Session One – Beginner’s Mind: Seeing with a fresh pair of eyes, with “clear vision”, as if seeing for the very first time. Exploring this with a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder!

Monday 5th October – Beginner’s Mind (Seeing Afresh and Curiosity)

Wednesday 7th October – Heartfulness (Compassion, Kindness, Generosity and Gratitude)

Monday 12th October – Willingness (Acceptance)

Wednesday 14th October – Letting Be (Allowing, Letting Go)

Monday 19th October – Effortlessness (Non-striving)

Wednesday 21st October – Patience

Monday 26th October – Good, Bad, Maybe (Non-judgement)

Wednesday 28th October – Trust

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Investment in the complete package of 8x 30-minute sessions, plus recordings, is currently priced at £35.00