Do you want to feel less stressed?

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If you want to feel calmer, live better with greater focus and purpose then mindfulness & wellbeing coaching might help.

Are you feeling overwhelmed & unable to manage stress?​


Do you avoid or resist challenging experiences​?

Avoiding or resisting challenging experiences is a common tendency for many of us. It’s natural to want to stay within our comfort zones and avoid situations that make us feel uncomfortable or uncertain. However, avoiding challenges can limit our growth and keep us from reaching our full potential. It’s important to recognize when we are avoiding or resisting challenging experiences and to push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones. Mindfulness coaching can help you develop the skills and mindset needed to face challenges with confidence and resilience.


Unhelpful thought patterns holding you back?

Unhelpful thought patterns can be a major obstacle to personal growth and well-being. They can hold us back from achieving our goals, create unnecessary stress and anxiety, and prevent us from living a fulfilling life. But the good news is that with mindfulness coaching, you can learn to recognise these patterns and develop techniques to overcome them. By identifying and loosening up around negative beliefs and thought patterns, you can begin to live a more mindful and meaningful life. Don’t let unhelpful thoughts hold you back any longer, contact me to learn more about how I can help you.


Do you have things holding you back in life?​

It’s not uncommon to feel like there are things holding us back in life. Whether it’s a fear of failure, low self-esteem, or simply feeling stuck in a rut, these obstacles can prevent us from achieving our goals and living our best lives. But the good news is that with the right guidance and support, you can overcome these challenges and start living the life you deserve. Mindfulness coaching can help you identify the things that are holding you back and develop strategies to move forward. Whether it’s through meditation, positive affirmations, or other techniques, mindfulness coaching can help you.


Do you want to live a happier more purposeful life?

Who doesn’t want to live a happier and more purposeful life? If you’re feeling unfulfilled or lacking direction, mindfulness coaching can help you find meaning and joy in your life. By developing a deeper understanding of yourself and your values, you can start living a life that is aligned with your goals and passions. Mindfulness coaching can help you cultivate a positive mindset, build resilience, and overcome obstacles that may be standing in your way. Through mindfulness practices such as meditation and self-reflection, you can develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

How I can help you move forward

I offer a range of coaching services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for individual coaching, group coaching, or business coaching, I’ve got you covered. I have in-person and online options available. My mindfulness coaching and acceptance and commitment training can help you get the most out of life with less stress. As a coach, I’m focused on helping my clients identify their goals and then supporting them on their journey toward making those goals a reality. I use mindfulness training and acceptance and commitment training in my work with clients.


Coaching for Individuals

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Mindfulness coaching and ACT training for individuals in Edinburgh, online and in-person.
Do you want to be more present, happy, and productive? I can help. I offer mindfulness coaching and ACT training for individuals in Edinburgh online and in-person.


Coaching for

Mindfulness coaching and ACT training for groups in Edinburgh.
We offer mindfulness training and ACT group coaching in Edinburgh, either online or in-person. Our sessions are designed to help you take an active role in the process of self-awareness, change, and happiness.


Coaching for Business

Mindfulness coaching and ACT training for businesses in Edinburgh online and in-person from Pause to Be, help you take control of your thoughts and emotions so you can focus on what matters most to you. We believe that every business owner deserves to feel fulfilled at work.


Hello, and welcome to the website of Pause to Be, a mindfulness coach based in Edinburgh. I’m Elspeth Lewis, and I am here to help you find calm. I offer coaching to individuals, groups and businesses, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT).

mindfulness Books​

I’m a writer and an educator, and my work is focused on helping people to be more mindful. I’ve written a few books about mindfulness and meditation, which you can purchase on Check them out below!

Smooth Sailing with your Teen ​

From £8.99​

In this guide to parenting through the teenage years and beyond, Elspeth Lewis, parent and mindfulness coach, explores ways to bring more ease and harmony to parent-teen relationships.

Mindfulness for Challenging Times

From £10.99

This book contains a range of insights from our community of 26 mindfulness teachers, all sharing mindful ways of dealing with the various challenges you may be facing.

Mindfulness for Transformation

From £10.99​

This book is a community project. All the graduates from our Teach Mindfulness training programme were offered a chance to write a chapter for this book. This is the second book we’ve produced.


Are you looking for more direction, meaning and fulfilment in your life?
I’ve created a set of values cards which can help you to discover what matters most to you in different areas of your life – relationships, career, health and fitness, hobbies and leisure – and to take small action steps towards experiencing a more meaningful life.

Values Cards

Available to buy on

Happy Clients

I’m so excited to share the wonderful feedback I have received from clients as a mindfulness and acceptance and commitment training coach.
Clients tell me how much they appreciate my ability to connect with them and help them build the skills they need to succeed. They feel safe, supported, and encouraged by me, which is exactly what they need in order to learn new habits that will improve their lives.

Elspeth ran an “introduction to mindfulness” hour to our colleagues on world mental health day. Elspeth was so friendly in the run up to the event, everyone enjoyed the session and were still discussing it today – we particularly enjoyed the 3 minute mindfulness – Elspeth also provided handouts for the team to take away.

-L. MacDiarmid

I did a six week ACT course with Elspeth and it was brilliant. The way she explains the theory and helps with practical tips really makes it easy to adapt into daily living. I certainly have found myself returning to it when dealing with challenges as well as trying to incorporate the ethos of ACT into my life.

-C. Colligan

I did a 6 week ACT course with Elspeth and she was fantastic at explaining the theory and teaching us the strategies for our toolkit. She created a warm, inviting, safe, encouraging space to work with others. Using the habits we learned in my daily practice now. I would highly recommend Pause to Be.

– A. Farley


I work with groups, both online and in-person, to teach mindfulness meditation; the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC); and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), as well as occasional workshops and retreats.

Monday Weekly Online Mindfulness Session

A block of four 30-minute mindfulness sessions, plus recordings which you can revisit as you wish.

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT​)

A fun, supportive 6-week ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) Programme.

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Mindfulness coaching is a unique way of helping people to reduce their struggles with anxiety, stress, and other challenging life events. It’s based on the well-known concept of mindfulness, but it uses a hands-on approach to help individuals learn how to manage their emotions and improve their everyday lives.

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