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If you want to feel calmer, live better with greater focus and purpose then mindfulness & wellbeing coaching might help.

mY Books​

I’m a writer and an educator, and my work is focused on helping people to be more mindful. I’ve written a few books about mindfulness and meditation, which you can purchase on Check them out below!

Smooth Sailing with your Teen ​

From £8.99​

In this guide to parenting through the teenage years and beyond, Elspeth Lewis, parent and mindfulness coach, explores ways to bring more ease and harmony to parent-teen relationships.

Mindfulness for Challenging Times

From £10.99

This book contains a range of insights from our community of 26 mindfulness teachers, all sharing mindful ways of dealing with the various challenges you may be facing.

Mindfulness for Transformation

From £10.99​

This book is a community project. All the graduates from our Teach Mindfulness training programme were offered a chance to write a chapter for this book. This is the second book we’ve produced.

I chatted to leading mindfulness author, Shamash Alidina, about ‘Smooth Sailing with Your Teen’.

values cards

A set of Values Cards to help bring more meaning and purpose to your life mindfully, by identifying what matters most to you and starting to take small action steps in line with these values.

Available to purchase on
Check them out below!

Discover your values…

Plan small action steps…

Work with challenges using mindfulness skills

Values Cards

From £21.99​

Set includes:
5 exercises to help you uncover your values;
38 values cards with descriptions;
2 blank cards to insert your own values;
5 Action cards to help you successfully plan small goals;
6 Challenges cards to help you plan for potential challenges;
6 Mindful Skills cards to help you be present and shift perspective;
1 Celebration card to reward all of your efforts;
1 Instruction card with QR code to download pdf of exercises; and 1 Instruction Leaflet.

Clients Reviews

As a coach, I am always striving to provide the highest level of service to my clients. It is an honour to share some of the reviews and testimonials that demonstrate the positive impact my work has had on others.

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Mindfulness coaching is a unique way of helping people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. It’s based on the well-known concept of mindfulness, but it uses a hands-on approach to help individuals learn how to manage their emotions and improve their everyday lives.

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